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Dog Day Care!

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Dog Day Care with a lot of Dog Thought!

Dog Day Care!

Dog Day Care! If your Dog Could Talk!

  • Hey, you dropped your stick! Don't worry, I'll get it...Oh. You dropped again. Well, I guess I could get it again...Oh I don't think you are very good at holding onto that thing!


  • The park! My favorite! Birds! I bet can catch one!


  • Help! Human! Help! While I was asleep someone put this cone around my head! Wait, why aren't you helping? Human Help!


  • It's a ball! This is the best day of my entire life!


  • Are you going to finish that?


  • What's that you are taking off your feet? I think it's my favorite new toy!


  • You take care of me. You feed me. You must be a god


  • You are home! My favorite!


  • Oh good, you are back from work! I thought you'd gone away forever!


  • Dog Food! My favorite!


  • Friends! My favorite!


  • I nearly got it this time! Tail, you won't escape me forever


  • A car ride!


  • Look, I found this whole roll of toilet paper just sitting there! Now it's art!


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