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3 Tips to Keep Your Dog Flea-Free

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3 Tips to Keep Your Dog Flea-Free

3 Tips to Keep Your Dog Flea-Free

Although flea season is at its highest during the warm summer months, fleas do not always run for cover during the fall. Since fleas tend to seek warmth during the cooler months of autumn, dog owners will often find their dogs suffering from an influx of fleas even if they stayed at bay during summer. These easy tips will help you to prevent these unwanted pests from taking refuge on your dog.

1. Nematodes

Microscopic nematodes are avid flea larvae consumers. Simply spray them around your garden and the foundation of your home. They can significantly cut down on the population of fleas in the area within twenty-four hours.

2. Eucalyptus

For another eco-friendly method of flea prevention, spread eucalyptus leaves around the home, both inside and out. These will not only prevent fleas from coming in, but they will also add an inviting aroma for the fall months. Since fleas cannot stand the smell, they will stay away.

3. Keep Your House Clean

It is also important to keep the inside of your home clean to avoid fleas. Washing your dog's bedding on a weekly basis and vacuuming daily can keep fleas from causing an uprising during the fall months.

Frequent bathing can also make a big difference in keeping the fleas away. Fleas can easily be killed with a bath of vinegar and mild dish soap. After the bath, just dry your dog carefully and use a metal flea comb to remove any stray fleas.

Use these tips to keep your furry friend from being inundated with fleas through the fall. For more helpful tips for taking care of your precious pet, browse through our blog. We provide helpful tips and information on a variety of subjects regarding pet care.

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